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Professional hearing and hearing aid services, including Levo nighttime tinnitus therapy devices, provided by licensed, certified audiologists

Typical Insurance Hearing Aid Plans

Across the country, many insurances are offering their members discounts on hearing aids. These plans have proven to be deceptive for consumers by appearing to be actual benefits, limiting technology options and offering special pricing without paying for follow-up services. Their providers do not have to be audiologists, so consumers often end up seeing hearing aid salespeople.

Solution: A Savings Plan by Licensed Audiologists

Unlike all third-party insurance discount plans, Audiology Benefits Network, LLC, is a savings plan that only employs professional audiologists, in medical settings, offering exceptional hearing aid technology with three-year warranties and 90-day return privileges.

  • Professional audiologists in medical settings
  • Exceptional hearing aid technology with 3 year warranties
  • Follow-up services provided by an audiologist
  • Significant savings extended to immediate family members

Audiology Benefits Network, LLC, a hearing aid savings plan, was established by Davison Audiology to ensure professional audiology services to all consumers affiliated with community and non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Savings to consumers through Audiology Benefits Network, LLC, are significant, including unlimited technology from most hearing aid manufacturers, including all follow-up services.

For More Information

To inquire about Audiology Benefits Network, LLC, or to locate an office near you, please contact the business office 740-695-1058. Your privacy is protected. We do not rent or sell personal information.

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Megan Presley, Au.D., CCC-A

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